In everything we commend ourselves as Ministers of God

Wig’s Word of God Today 6-13-2011

We cause no one to stumble in anything, in order that no fault may be found with our ministry; on the contrary, in everything we commend ourselves as ministers of God. 2 Corinthians 6:3-4

Should anyone press you into service for one mile, go with him for two miles. Matthew 5:41

2 Corinthians 6:1-10, Psalm 98 & Matthew 5:38-42

As Ministers of God, the LORD begs of us not to cause anyone to stumble. On the contrary, He asks us to lift them up and keep them steadied for the work of Salvation by our walk, our talk and our action. The LORD sent His Only Son to live by example for us to follow and treat each and every human the same as one does him or her self. We offer everything and expect nothing in return seeking not reward but to go unnoticed as a Servant of God. Paul sets forth an appeal to the Corinthians not to live for oneself but to find pleasure in doing what is right in the eyes of God even in the midst of persecution.

These examples follow nine separate types of trials and his call to endure them all for the Greater Glory of God and His Son’s Redemption in Christ Jesus. “through much endurance, in afflictions, hardships, constraints, beatings, imprisonments, riots, labors, vigils, fasts; by purity, knowledge, patience, kindness, in a holy spirit, in unfeigned love, in truthful speech, in the power of God; with weapons of righteousness at the right and at the left; through glory and dishonor, insult and praise. We are treated as deceivers and yet are truthful; as unrecognized and yet acknowledged; as dying and behold we live; as chastised and yet not put to death; as sorrowful yet always rejoicing; as poor yet enriching many; as having nothing and yet possessing all things.” 2 Corinthians 6:4c-10

Jesus asks the toughest thing a human can do and that’s to turn the other cheek when someone strikes you or does something to harm you. This can come in many forms and is the very reason why God asks us to stop taking an eye for an eye and offer a cheek for a cheek assuming the most powerful position of all; on your knees in prayer. “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you.” Matthew 5:43-44 There are people of God everywhere around you and while many of us have been silent for way too long, there are many who are shouting from the mountaintops the Glory of God.

Many you meet in every day places and yet many you meet in places of need. I met a mother and daughter-in-law in a hotel lobby yesterday who were speaking the Truth of Christ over breakfast. When I approached them to commend them on their beautiful prayers and discussion, we prayed together and embraced God’s Glory aloud while sitting amongst several people eating breakfast. I pray we all have the courage to pray with friends and strangers alike to share the Truth of Christ Jesus for the Glory of God but more importantly, I pray we notice those in need around us who may be crying or suffering in some sort of way.

Yesterday during Mass in Orlando, I noticed a man sitting in front of us in the front pew who was crying and praying to God with his Bible in hand. During the kiss of peace I shook his hand and leaned into him saying, “Peace be with you. I am offering my communion for your peace and healing today. I love you brother.” This complete stranger gripped me in a hug of love and replied, “I love you too.” As I took the Body of Christ in my mouth and then kneeled behind him, I lifted my hands towards him and prayed to the Father for his comfort and peace as my body began to tingle and I felt the Spirit of God illuminate my entire being.

After Mass, I asked him if I could pray for him and we prayed together holding hands and he shared with me the need for healing in a stomach ailment. Laying hands on him I looked to heaven and asked God to place His healing presence through my hands to comfort and aid this stranger who has now become a friend in Christ. In loving your love of Christ you will pray for friends and strangers alike anywhere, anytime and anyplace. Amen!

So we ask in prayer: Dear God, we pray today for Randy S. of Orlando, Florida. We continue our prayers of healing for his stomach ailment and ask to give him faith, courage and love to conquer his sickness. We pray today to always turn the other cheek and be forgiving to ANYONE, ANYTIME and ANYWHERE for Your Glory LORD. IN Jesus Name we pray. Amen.

God Bless His Truth for America,

Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins

Romans 8:28

Spirit led God inspired Christ fed

Give to the One Who Seeks

The old adage speaks

Of an untruth to seek

Not an eye for eye to reap

Nor a tooth for a tooth to seep

Resist no one evil

Offer your face to feel

One cheek against another

God’s love to surely prevail

If they steal your coat

Never droop and mope

Walk the extra mile for each

Give to the one who seeks

© Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins June 13, 2011 @ 5:10 AM EST

About Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins

My name is Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins. I first recognize Christ as my Savior in all things. I am married to my best friend and Soul-Mate in Christ, Antonia Cruz-Wiggins. I am a University of Florida graduate of Public Relations, a US Navy Veteran and a Montessori Elementary School Teacher. I love life and God's help of living it! I follow the Light of Christ in everything I do! I love writing poetry about the Lord and I create a new poem from each Scripture I discern in my daily mediations. You can almost follow the poem by looking at the readings for each day. I started sharing this small yet personal scripture study four years ago when one day I was reading the bible and the Holy Spirit moved me to share the verse with a group of about 40 Christian Men in my Emmaus Ministry who get together weekly to celebrate the Lord and talk about His Truth. Since then the number of people I share my study with has grown to over 650. I enjoy an open loving dialog about anything I write and I have strived to write what I know the Lord wants me to share steering clear of offending anyone’s spiritual beliefs because I share my work with people I meet in public when I strike up a conversation about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It took almost 2 years to begin writing what the Holy Spirit leads me to say. I believe that all Christians must unite as One Body of Christ’s Love to accomplish the joy of living with love, honor and respect. I reach out to Humanity to share His Salvation be it Baptist, Catholic, Protestant, Episcopal or any other religion or belief. I seek to mirror His Compassion, His Simpleness, His Charity and His Love. While I am Catholic, I believe we must all unite in the Lord to become One Body in Christ to bring our children back to The Church. I am humbled to share my study with you. Please feel free to comment any time. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is my Joy because I am a Disciple of His Truth. I am honored to share my Bible study with anyone you may recommend. As always, I remain, Yours in Christ, Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins
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