If you do not believe Me when I speak to you about earthly things, how will you believe Me when I speak to you about heavenly things? John 3:12

Wig’s Word of God Today 4-17-2012


If you do not believe Me when I speak to you about earthly things, how will you believe Me when I speak to you about heavenly things? John 3:12


As Moses lifted up the snake in the desert, so must the Son of Man be lifted up so that everyone who believes may have Eternal Life in Him. John 3:14-15


Acts 4:32-37, Psalm 93 & John 3:7-15


To be Born Again seems hard to understand unless you have faith God is leading humanity by His Amazing Grace in Jesus Christ. You are born anew in a life of Truth surrounded by wolves that neither destroys your cleanliness or averts your surrender because the Eternal Life given to those believers outweighs any threat or treasure imaginable to man. There can never be a reason why we compromise God’s Word for the sake of protection, convenience or luxury.


The life of a believer in Jesus Christ is Born Again to live as the Truth in His Word guides us with faith, hope/charity and love for every human alive. Jesus knew He had to be lifted up on a Cross just as Moses lifted up a snake in the desert to find healing and life after being bitten by a serpent in the desert. When they lifted up Jesus on our Redemption’s Cross, they fulfilled every written prophesy about the Savior of the world coming to cleanse humanity from sin. We are all recipients of this Redemption as well as being Born Again to live a life anew in His Truth. Amen.


Dear LORD, we pray to always believe in Your Son’s Gospel to live in faith, hope and love. We seek Your guidance LORD in practice, prayer and deed. We pray for Jemma Peterson’s recovery and peace. We pray LORD all petitions are gathered to make the ballot. We pray for my children. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.


God Bless His Truth for America,

Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins

Romans 8:28

Spirit led God inspired Christ fed


You are Born Again to Eternal Life and Much Much More-John 3:7-15


No surprise in being born again

The life of the Spirit renews your grin

Just as the wind blows where it will to blend

You too will be guided in new birth to win


Nicodemus could not understand

How can that be came his official stand

As a teacher Jesus said you should command

The Truth in Israel to prove God is grand


What we may know and see is what people believe

Hard to conceive the wind passing by the tree

Unless you see the leaves blow hard back and forth

The big star in the sky guides us to True North


Still people will reject your evidence as nil

Even when Truth guides them up a large hill

For if they can’t comprehend the earthly things as thrill

How can they believe heavenly things to consciously bill


Only the Son of Man came down from heaven to adore

He was lifted up on a Cross to equal heaven’s score

If you see His Cross in dream to come ashore

You are Born Again to Eternal Life and Much Much More


© Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins April 16, 2012 @ 6:07 AM EST

About Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins

My name is Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins. I first recognize Christ as my Savior in all things. I am married to my best friend and Soul-Mate in Christ, Antonia Cruz-Wiggins. I am a University of Florida graduate of Public Relations, a US Navy Veteran and a Montessori Elementary School Teacher. I love life and God's help of living it! I follow the Light of Christ in everything I do! I love writing poetry about the Lord and I create a new poem from each Scripture I discern in my daily mediations. You can almost follow the poem by looking at the readings for each day. I started sharing this small yet personal scripture study four years ago when one day I was reading the bible and the Holy Spirit moved me to share the verse with a group of about 40 Christian Men in my Emmaus Ministry who get together weekly to celebrate the Lord and talk about His Truth. Since then the number of people I share my study with has grown to over 650. I enjoy an open loving dialog about anything I write and I have strived to write what I know the Lord wants me to share steering clear of offending anyone’s spiritual beliefs because I share my work with people I meet in public when I strike up a conversation about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It took almost 2 years to begin writing what the Holy Spirit leads me to say. I believe that all Christians must unite as One Body of Christ’s Love to accomplish the joy of living with love, honor and respect. I reach out to Humanity to share His Salvation be it Baptist, Catholic, Protestant, Episcopal or any other religion or belief. I seek to mirror His Compassion, His Simpleness, His Charity and His Love. While I am Catholic, I believe we must all unite in the Lord to become One Body in Christ to bring our children back to The Church. I am humbled to share my study with you. Please feel free to comment any time. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is my Joy because I am a Disciple of His Truth. I am honored to share my Bible study with anyone you may recommend. As always, I remain, Yours in Christ, Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins
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